South Dakota Republican Women

There are many reasons Republican candidates are successful at the ballot box in South Dakota. One of those reasons are the many dedicated ladies who have come together to form Republican women’s groups across the state.  From my first statewide race in 2002 through today I am continually amazed at the level of support generated by these groups for our Republican candidates.

Yesterday I had the privilege to speak to the Pennington County Republican Women in Rapid City.  The reception was typical of what I have come to appreciate from these ladies no matter where I go in South Dakota.  The group welcomed me as one of their own.  In fact, they made sure I was signed up as an associate member before I left.

In addition to sharing time visiting with the ladies and enjoying a great lunch, they listened intently as I explained many of the issues that the PUC has worked on in the last year. That followed with engaging questions showing that they not only heard my message but have been paying attention to these issues as current events.

I know with certainty that as our campaign gets into the “heat of the battle” these women will go to work in their area for me, contribute money to our campaign, and most importantly spread my message among their friends and neighbors. Republican women make a difference!

I have the deepest gratitude for the kindness Republican women’s groups have extended to me over the years. Thank you and I look forward to working with you once again for victory in 2016!