News Release | February 16, 2016

Chris Nelson announced today that he will be a candidate for reelection to the Public Utilities Commission in 2016. Chris made the announcement to a crowd gathered for the Hughes County Lincoln Day Dinner in Pierre.

Nelson said, “The complexities of the utility business demand commissioners who are dedicated to advocating for consumers, are able to dig into the details of cases before the commission, and have the integrity to make just and fair decisions based on law. My record as commissioner over the past five years highlights my commitment in each of these areas.”

While on the commission Nelson has focused on three priorities. First and foremost is advocating for utility consumers to keep rates as low as possible and service reliable in an era when federal government mandates provide challenges in both of these areas.

Second has been working to expand broadband availability in rural South Dakota. With his roots in agriculture Nelson understands the importance of high speed broadband connections to the business needs of farmers and ranchers as well as the education and healthcare advancements made possible through broadband.

Third is a commitment to making decisions on issues before the PUC based on law and facts, not political whims or personal agendas. Chris has a reputation for digging into the details of each case to make sure consumers are protected throughout the process.

Chris will be seeking nomination for Public Utilities Commissioner at the state Republican convention in late June which will place his name on the ballot in the November general election.

Nelson was appointed to a vacancy on the PUC in January 2011 by Governor Dennis Daugaard and won election in 2012 to serve the remainder of the six year term. He previously served two terms as Secretary of State.

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