In the City

The World Wide Web turns 25 this year. Think about how different the world is now than it was 25 years ago. Massive technological innovations are now a daily occurrence, rapidly changing and affecting how we work, how we learn, how we play, and how we communicate.

​As your Public Utilities Commissioner, I understand that implementation of fast and reliable broadband internet across South Dakota is essential for the state to continue to thrive. Expanded access means more economic development, more innovation, and more connected communities.

Federal Universal Service Fund money is made available to internet providers to expand their network into rural areas. One of my roles as public utilities commissioner is to encourage companies to leverage those dollars and private capital to expand their network into unserved areas. I know that providing high-speed broadband access to rural and urban areas allows young people and entrepreneurs the ability to choose where they want to live, opening doors for working remotely or operating an internet business from anywhere in the state. Broadband provides the opportunity for worldwide commerce to be conducted right here at home and giving unlimited opportunities for young innovators to live and thrive right here in South Dakota.”

–  Chris Nelson, Public Utilities Commissioner of South Dakota